Bali Medianet

Personal Series

Personal Series is Internet Connection Package specially designed for personal and family user. With reliable internet connection, surfing the internet is a comfortable activity!

Rate starts from Rp. 300.000,-     24 hours access with unlimited quota      Phone line not required     Use High Speed Broadband Internet Access, Enjoy surfing with friends & Families

SMEs Series is dedicated for small and medium enterprises. We provide internet access with speed that compete your business needs.

SME Series

With high speed internet connection, everybody in your corporation will comfortably work with the internet. Business communication and transaction with your colleague within the country and abroad can be done more smoothly.

For your business, use internet access with higher bandwidth. Shift into high gear! Speed up your internet…speed up your business.

  • Speed up to 1,5 Mbps
  • 24 hours access with unlimited quota
  • Phone line not required

* It is not advisable to share this connection package more than 2 users.

Coorporate Packets

Does your business demand constant and reliable internet connection at all times? For this need, we provide corporate package for large enterprises.

In this corporate package, you will get fixed bandwidth at all time (dedicated services). The amount of the bandwidth will be provided as per your request, and we guarantee the capacity of the bandwidth that you requested be available at all times

  • Bandwidth as requested
  • Dedicated line (non-sharing)
  • Bandwidth ratio 1:1 (or 1:2 on request)

In this corporate package, we also provide you IP Public that you may use to build a web server, mail server, or other purposes.

For large enterprises, use dedicated internet services. Because your business is that precious.

Hotspot Packets

At the moment, internet connection availability is a vital need for the modern life. Thus it is common that nowadays a lot of places provide hotspot facility to serve an easy internet connection access. For hotels, villas, cafés and restaurant, hotspot has turned into one of standard facilities to fulfill the need of their guests of internet facility. Realizing this, Bali Medianet is available to be a partner for companies that want to develop hotspot facilities.
BMN hotspot cooperation development is in dedicated for:

  • Hotel/Villa/Apartment
  • Café/Bar/Restaurant
  • School/Campus
  • Public Area
  • Residence
  • Boarding Houses, dll

With this cooperation, the management can provide hotspot facility to their guests/customers without having the need to invest in buying equipments. Investation is fully provided by Bali Medianet.

To provide hotspot facility, it requires :

  1. Internet connection from Bali Medianet
  2. Hotspot router


Prepaid Card
Hotspot Services may be available by purchasing a prepaid card provided by Bali Medianet. Printed in the prepaid card, the PIN numbers are usable to access the internet via the hotspot. Prepaid cards are available in different prices.

For details on the cooperation system, please contact our marketing team.


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